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Horse Riding

I have ridden horses for over 25 years and in the past six years I have been competing at endurance riding. Having had a few injuries to my lower back over the years from falls, I have suffered with pain and stiffness in this area. Endurance riding demands hours in the saddle which means that the body must be strong in all muscle groups, flexible and be able to withstand hours in the saddle, core stability is important for balance and yet the body must remain relaxed.

I started pilates with Tina Sheridan at the beginning of this year and I am amazed at the results that I have seen. In previous years during the competition season I would visit my Osteopath every 6-8 weeks. I am now in my 10th month of pilates and I have only visited twice this year. I no longer suffer with stiffness and pain and my recovery rate afte a ride is dramatically improved. Pilates with Tina is now a very important part of my fitness programme.


Fun Lessons – Serious results

I have been attending Tina’s back care class for over a year now. Initially I found the classes hard, I wasn’t at all sure I was getting it “right”. I gradually made progress, Tina is very attentive and ensures the exercises are done correctly and that everyone is working to their individual needs.
Now I love the classes. We work hard but have some fun as well. I am much fitter than I was. My body feels stronger and I now know how to use my core muscles to support my back. Although I have not lost weight I have dropped a dress size due to being much more toned.

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