StudioManager 13 released.

This version of StudioManager is compatible with the latest version of FileMaker, FileMaker Pro 13, released for Mac OS X Mavericks v.10.9, Mac OS X Mountain Lion v.10.8, OS X Lion v.10.7 and Windows 8 and 8.1.

It includes a number of improved features.

Documents such as purchase orders and estimates can now be sent directly to email in PDF format with a single button action.

Completed jobs can be marked, so that the drop-down lists throughout the application only show a limited choice of work-in-progress jobs.

Customer and Supplier staff who have left can be marked, so that only current staff appear at the top of the lists.

The Jobs screen has been enhanced, giving you a limited list of work-in-progress jobs to focus your attention. Concentrate on completing these valuable jobs and get them invoiced and off the list.

TimeSheets are much improved and easy to use. Complete the notes field, to describe the tasks you were working on and this can flow through to your invoicing, justifying the time your staff have spent and additional time that you need to bill to your client.

To find out more call Andrew Rudkin on 01327 301770. Why not call in at our offices (between J16-18 on the M1) and see the latest version for yourself.